Sport Cycling

We’ve been organising tours to many of the most popular European Cyclosportives  and some smaller events local to us here in France ever since we started in 2003.

Craig has ridden over 50 Sportives including the Marmotte 5 times so we know exactly what is involved. We are here to help you every inch of the way.

Every year we run trips to great events such as La Ventoux, La Marmotte at Alpe d’ Huez and many more smaller local event like La Corima and The Dromoise.

One of the most popular challenges we’re involved in is the Club des Cinglés du Mont Ventoux – you might have heard this called The Mont Ventoux Madmen or Screwballs and as the name suggests it is a pretty crazy challenge. All you need to do is ascend Mont Ventoux via the three classic ascents – IN ONE DAY!

Here's all the information you need to help you join The Club des Cinglé du Mont Ventoux.

We also run training weekends stating in April every season. These can be combined with a local sportive or can be linked to a specific summer event. What better way to train for La Marmotte for example than to ride The Ventoux 3 times in May.

Our sport cycling tours have become so popular that we’ve set up a separate website to cover everything in more detail.

Please go to for our 2018 Cyclosportive calendar and detailed information on individual events.

Pictured below is the private Veloventoux feedzone on the Col du Galibier in La Marmotte Sportive

Training Camps 2018

In April we'll be in the Murcia region. These will be race specific camps for faster riders wanting some early season kilometers at a decent pace. Click here for more details: Fast Camps 2018


The Marmotte finish, the Corima finish and the Routes du Ventoux podium