Techy Stuff


Cycling up Ventoux is a fantastic experience and for many people a bucket list achievement. It should be a pleasureable experience but get the gearing wrong and you can have a horrible time.

Almost all modern road bikes have a compact chainset with  50-34 front chainrings and a cassette which can be anything between 12-21 for flat riding and 11-34 for those low touring and climbing gears.
For The Ventoux we recommend a minimum low gear of 34-28. 34-30 is better and if you have a Pro-Compact with a 36 tooth chainring you could go to a 32.

When changing your gears specifically to come and climb mountains please check if your chain and rear mech can handle the changes.

gears, bicycle, chain-2291916.jpg


During the summer months from June to the end of August, 90% of the time normal summer kit will suffice, even on Mont Ventoux. Bibshorts, summer vest, short sleeved top and mitts.
It can still be very cold at the top and it can get cold quickly so we reccomend a lightweight windstopper or rain cape for the descent.
In all cases you should bring at least one set of long tights, long sleeved top, a warm base layer, leg warmers, arm warmers and  long finger gloves 

Bike Maintenance

Please make sure that your bike is in good working order.
Check your tyres and brakes.
It’s a good idea to service your bike before you come but please make sure you ride the bike before packing it away.
Think about how old your chain, cassette, gear and brake cables are.
Think about bringing a spare rear mech hanger for your specific make of bike in case this gets damaged in transit.

We have spares of almost everything that can go wrong but it’s not ideal to be repairing worn out peripherals at the side of the road.

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